In History

Here is a business card of Mr Krzysztof Nowotniak
owner of the printing office from 1994.

Printing, although it was in one colour, it must have made an impression in those days.

The whole was made using typographic method. Typographic printing is a very old technique of imitating an image on the paper, where relief areas of printing form shift paint on a paper. One of the first printing machines Heidelberg are based on this method. Printing a typeface, quantity of paint coated on a paper is few times higher than in offset printing.

It is also worth noticing that as a „logo” was used publisher’s imprint.

What is a publisher’s imprint? Recognized as coat of arms of the printers, publisher’s imprint was always a sign of printers and professions related to printing, that is booksellers, bookbinders, papermakers. It is a head of a griffin, that is a lion with the wings and head of an eagle, holding printing tampons in its claws.

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