In History

For those who love the climate of the 90s – present-day, historical product for our company will be remembered with a tear in an eye!

It is a beautiful label for pantyhose produced by the company EW-RAJ (both name and the project are worthy of economic development from the 90s) from Rogów Sobócki. We guess that label must have been one of many successes of this company, because this company is still active   to this day.

etykieta Ew-Raj drukarnia Image Dzierżoniów Rok 1996

Some words about the very technique of a printing.

Label was made in a typographic technology, which was not as precise as offset technique. It has a meaning because label consisted of 5 colours – what means that production required dexterity and precision, because 5 separate printed inscriptions must have been made (machine rides), in order to get a final product.

We congratulate you an effect and colourful project from the 90s.


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