In History

Year 1998 was a breakthrough for us with respect to promotional activities.

We started printing Dzierżoniow Advertising Newspaper.

That’s how it was called – advertisement, promotion are tools which are called now marketing. Nowadays, no one is surprised by that, but in those days, advertising newspaper in colour was rare! Having such a newspaper meant that company was OK – because it was actually true.


Advertisement of the printing office

In this promotional newspaper, the first simple advertisement of Image showed up – our printing office from Dzierżoniów (called then „Zakład poligraficzny” and on the back visible as „Agencja Wydawnicza”) – showed up on the market.



New logo

Sign of these times were also first actions in order to build a brand of our company – that’s why, for the first time, a new logo of Image was presented, which exists in similar form to this day.


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