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– Dad! – see, what a big white chicken
– Where?
– There, by the wall!
– Karolina – it is not a chicken
– And what is it? – canard…?
– No – it is … it… mhh …. it is my child, a printing swan!


That would probably be a conversation between father and daughter – presumably Mr Piotr, one of the owners of our printing office.

As we know „canard” is an expression defining fictitious information made up by the journalists in order to shock a reader and increase ratings.

We write about this, on occasion of a material about building our new hall in 2009 not by chance and not because this material is fictitious canard.

During the process of building our new hall, we were visited by a swan, of name I don’t remember now. A bird was sick – his wing was wounded, so he couldn’t fly away just like that.
Before it came here, it would visit Wrocław, Świdnica, then Dzierżoniów and he was flying around the region before he found small forest, lake, houses „great” – it thought.

This is a history of a swan and of building our new hall.

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